Spring wardrobe wish list #1

Publié le 3 Février 2014

Spring wardrobe wish list #1

The perfect summer knit This one is from Isabel Marant

Spring wardrobe wish list #1

Striped linen t This number is from T by Alexander Wang and for me this works so well with a pair of my favorite boyfriend jeans and a pair of cute heels...

Spring wardrobe wish list #1

Light top This cute thing comes from Zara, very affordable and simple... 

Spring wardrobe wish list #1

Perfect leather jacket Of course by Anine Bing. So california, so cute, so works with everything.. I WANT IT BAD! 

Spring wardrobe wish list #1

Cropped pants I have a serious thing with cropped pants, if they aren't like that when I buy them I make them so myself (woops)..at least most of the time. These ones from Acne are so perfect though.. 


Spring wardrobe wish list #1

Sexy summer dress I'm absolutely obsessed with this dress by Roseanna. Pair it with my Isabel Marant sandals from last year and I'm ready to go... Love it!



Well that's about it for now.. But much more to come! 



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Marion 05/02/2014 09:59

Ca donne envie de craquer :)

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Charlotte 03/02/2014 19:56

J'adore ce post !